Covid information

A page with helpful information about Covid in Belgium and at the conference. We are aiming for making a safe event for everyone.

Coronavirus COVID-19

In Belgium, thanks to the steady decline in the number of infections and hospitalisations, most measures have been lifted.


You are allowed to move around freely.

The ban on non-essential travel from outside the EU is lifted.

The requirement to be tested on the 1st and 7th day, the 10-day quarantine and the requirement to be able to present the Passenger Locator Form and a valid certificate of vaccination, recovery or test result have also been removed.

However, this decision does not apply to travellers coming from a country with a new variant of concern. For these travellers, the current rules remain in force.

Sports and leisure

Events or shows can take place indoors and outdoors, for example theatre and concerts.

Organized activities, such as a club or association, are allowed.

Religious services are allowed.

With regard to the wearing of masks

The obligation to wear a mask has been abolished everywhere except in hospitals, medical practices and pharmacies.

However, the mask is still recommended in crowded places or in care environments such as nursing homes or at dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists and speech therapists.

Ventilation of indoor spaces is still strongly recommended

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