Call for trainings

For the Plone Conference 2022 we already have a nice list of trainings:

  • Mastering Plone
  • Volto hands-on training
  • Installation story for plone 6
  • Migration training
  • Plone classic UI: patternslib mockup
  • Plone classic UI: theming
  • Plone user training (for editors)

Of course, we still welcome new ideas and especially more trainings!

Let us know if you would like to

  • give a training,
  • help give a training or
  • have an idea for a training that you feel is missing

Please contact us at [email protected].

All contributions to the training or documentation are very welcome, more information on contributing to the training and documentation (plone 6) can be found at:

Contributing to Plone Trainings Documentation

Contributing to Plone Documentation

Hope to see you all at the conference!