Guidelines for a BLENDED REMOTE INTERNSHIP in IT companies

Track 2

As part of the Erasmus+ project "ITONBOARD", we developed a concept for a Blended Remote Internship with which we broke new ground. Like pieces of a mosaic, we collected pieces from different worlds and thus linked best practice examples from IT companies on the topic of remote work, knowledge about internships in general, internships in the context of Erasmus+, experiences with e-learning and finally scholarships for online student projects. We interviewed CEOs and employees of remote working companies. On the topic of e-learning and blended learning, we conducted interviews with teachers and students in the participating countries. For the scientific support of our concept, we were able to win Prof. Bernd Gössling from the University of Innsbruck, an expert in vocational learning, who drew our attention to important pedagogical aspects.

Jens Klein

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