Searching and Finding **Cancelled**

Track 2

We will see how we can enhance the experience in navigating through our site of non-hierarchic content, especially for returning visitors. Together with well thought meta data and keywording, a search can guide your user through your site. We will use features of a search engines like Elasticsearch to grade up search results: Show the context of a search string in a result, searching fuzzy and with decompounding and stemming to tolerate typos and finding inflections of words.The content itself is fitted with links on meta data for accessing related content, and more. Beyond the search, the returning visitor has bookmarking at his diposal to save not only content but also search queries to bookmark his field of interest.But good user experience means also less clicks to find relevant content. So even strategies to avoid searches can increase the comfort for a user. One of these little helpers is a glossary turned into tooltips on content.

Katja Süss