Searching video contents in Plone

Track 1

This talk introduces the Nuclia API and explains how to use it in Plone. The Nuclia API, with its open-source data base, is a unique solution to index unstructured data. Unlike ElasticSearch or Algolia which expect you to provide a structured JSON containing the data to be indexed, Nuclia accepts any unstructured data such as a file, a text, or a link to web page. Let's imagine your website references YouTube videos or hosts actual video files. Using the Nuclia API, you can have these videos fully indexed and searchable without any additional infrastructure. All text is extracted from the audio tracks, and key concepts like names, dates, places, etc., are identified and indexed. A customizable widget provides an out-of-the-box search widget that supports search suggestions, content preview, and direct jump to a given paragraph in a video ; and a JS SDK allow to use Nuclia directly from your own Volto components.

Eric Bréhault

    Recorded talk