Keynotes and talks published!

Check out the keynotes of Plone Conference 2022! Three varying topics, from presenting the newest version of Plone to building and maintaining thriving open-source community, and to the impact of information technology to the sustainability and ecology.

In addition to the keynotes there are almost 40 talks in English and a full track of talks in French!

Get your tickects now and join the conference on October 2022!

State of the Plone Community

By: Érico Andrei

The Plone CMS is one of the oldest, and most successful open source software stories, and its success is driven by a healthy and diverse worldwide community.

Érico Andrei will discuss how a (mostly) online community uses sprints, conferences and other events as a powerful tool to onboard new members, steer the software development and reinvent itself, always with the support of the Plone Foundation.

State of the Plone Community